Shaolin Retreat Mexico 2009

Have you ever wondered what was life like for the authentic Shaolín apprentices?This is your chance to re-live the past in  a unique weekend!!

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You know him !  you have seen him in  National Geographic  and  Discovery Channel  !  TIME magazine calls him  "Shaolin Prodigal Son"  , People and Arts:  "Number one in martial arts".   He calls him self "The most Handsome monk in the world" 

SiFu Shi Yan Ming  the most famous and respected Shaolin Monk in the World is back in Mexico for the 3rd Anual Shaolin Retreat of his branch : Shaolin Temple Mexico !

Dear friend,

 An authentic Shaolin monk, Sifu Shi Yan Ming, has created an unprecedented training program in the authentic Shaolin Martial Arts.

 Sifu Shi Yan Ming was raised in a similar environment 40 years ago and then he taught it as a Chief Trainer in the Shaolin Temple in Henan. Now, for the first time in the Western hemisphere, we have adapted the old training program to a unique weekend where you will be able to live, for a few Shaolin Retreatdays, the experience of training like an authentic Shaolin disciple.

 We would hereby like to invite you to attend our 2009 Annual Shaolin Retreat in Mexico, which will take place from July 30 to August 2, 2009 in the "Monastery of the Benedictine",  which is located on the Cuernavaca-Tepoztlán freeway, a beautiful and mystical place which will be the venue for our training weekend.

 The training schedule has been designed and based on the one that was used in the Henan Shaolin Temple 40 years ago, and which no longer exists, because the Henan Shaolin Temple has become a national park.

 Now we are recreating history by including the daily physical activities and the diet that made legends out of the Shaolin monks in a weekend in which you will be able to live, train, eat and study all the disciplines like a real Shaolin apprentice in a unique weekend.

 Now, the participants will also be able to learn all the disciplines in a single event and with the same payment. The retreat includes everything, the teaching of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Buddhism and other practices. This way, you will be able to make the most of your training day, to review and progress faster in your learning.

 The cost is only $400 USD and it includes all the activities, room, all meals and a certificate signed by Sifu Shi Yan Ming.

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*** Evento de carácter privado a puerta cerrada y sin fines de lucro, los costos son únicamente de recuperación para poder realizar el evento. Este evento se hace posible gracias al apoyo de:  Comisión de Cultura Cámara de Diputados, Kung Fu Wu Shi Daodi Guadalajara,  Club Loto Blanco  DF, Librerias La Rana Sabia  y Templo Shaolin de México AC